Promyze for code review (Web)

How to download the Promyze for Web Extension

The promyze web extension is compatible with: Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

For Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge :
- Go to the Chrome Web extension store, and download the app (here).
- Run the file to install it on your browser.
- A grayed promyze logo should appear among your installed extensions.

For Firefox :
- Go to the Firefox Browser add-ons store, and download Promyze for Web (Under review).
- Once installed, a grayed promyze logo should appear among your installed extensions.

How to configure the Promyze for Web extension

The process is straightforward:
- log-in to your Promyze instance with your account.
- Go to your user profile settings.
- Generate a new API-KEY if necessary and copy it.




- Click on the extension's icon and press "Connect to Promyze". 
- Then, set your Promyze instance's host and API key and press "Save options".



That's it! The grayed promyze logo should become coloured now and a notification should pop-up.


How to show the Promyze Practices floating Window

Once the Promyze for Web extension is configured, simply go to your desired web page and perform a right-click.
The context menu should show a new button "Show Promyze Practices", click on it and the floating window will appear.



Then, you can select a space and browse all its practices. For more details, you can press the desired practice to show
its description in an extended window. You can also copy the practice link on your clipboard by pressing the "chain" button.



How to send a snippet to your Promyze instance

To send a snippet, select the desired text and press the right-click button.
You'll notice a sub-menu called "Promyze Web Extension" where the "Send Snippet to Promyze" button is available.


After pressing it, a window will appear asking to specify the snippet name (by default, the page's name is used) and the destination space.
After pressing on send, a pop-up appears confirming that the snippet has been correctly added.



How to send a new Tag to your Promyze instance

To send a new tag, select the desired text to tag, and then, press the right-click button.
As seen previously, the sub-menu "Promyze Web Extension" should contain a button called 'Send Tag to Promyze".
After pressing it, a new window appears, you can either:
- (1) Use an existing practice for the new tag, or,
- (2) Create a new practice for the new tag.

For (1), you have to select the space where the practice is stored. The list of practices will be available.
You'll have to simply select your practice on the list (you can filter/search across practices by name).
Then you can press one of the two buttons available and create the tag as either a positive or negative one.

For (2), you can specify a name for the new practice.
You'll then have to select the space where the new practice will be stored.
Finally, you can specify a set of categories that will be associated to the new practice.
To add a new category, type the name of the category (an auto-complete is available for existing categories) then press enter.
Finally, you can create the new tag as either a positive or negative one depending on the button you press.





Sending new tags during code reviews to your Promyze instance (Gitlab and Azure)

While performing your code review on Gitlab or Azure, sending a new tag to Promyze will also automatically extract the whole code surrounding the selected code.
This automatic process will help you gather more context regarding the selected code during your workshop discussions on Promyze.

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