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When reviewing a Workshop, there may be certain practices that are set up that create a debate between people and on which you cannot decide whether to validate or delete them. In this case, you can launch a Battle, this will allow you to gather all the arguments, to vote and thus make a decision taking into account all the elements.

How does a battle work ?

Start a Battle

To start a Battle on a rule, just go to its description and, from the menu available on the top right, click on the corresponding button. All the rules that are in Battle will be available in a dedicated page (see Ongoing battles)


Battle execution

When a Battle is launched on a rule, you will find in its description a new tab that displays the details of the Battle (1).

Capture_d_e_cran_2020-06-16_a__16.41.34.png A Battle consists of three different parts :

2. Vote. Each person may vote to indicate her opinion on the rule.

3. Argument. Each person can also add arguments, whether positive or negative. You can bookmark some arguments to highlight them, or delete those you have written.

4. Closing. At a time, which can be scheduled with the whole team, you can end the Battle to decide whether the rule should be kept or discarded for the time being. Upon completion, the following modal will open :


In the modal there are two stages :

1. Vote. You can change the votes of people who have already voted, they may have changed their mind during the discussion. You can also add people who had not yet voted but who participated in the retrospective and now have an opinion.

2. Closing. Once you have finished the discussion it is time to make the decision to validate or refuse the practice. If you validate it, the Battle will be over and the rule will be available in the usual way. If you refuse it, the rule will no longer appear in the list of practices that you can use and it will only be available in a dedicated page (see Rejected practices).

Hints :

  • Once you close a Battle, whether it is rejected or accepted, the history of the Battle is preserved. So you can always browse through the arguments, and if you ever observe that the general opinion of this rule has changed, then you can restart a Battle.
  • In terms of organization for the Battle, we advise you to give at least one week to allow time for everyone to search for arguments. At the end of the Battle, everyone can present their arguments in order to create an exchange and perhaps make some people change their minds. Once the exchange is over, you can make a final round of voting changes and take the final decision.

Find your Battles

Ongoing battles

To browse all the current Battles, just go to the list of best practices (1) and click on the corresponding button (2).


Rejected practices

If you have refused a Battle on a rule, you can always find it and eventually relaunch the debate. To do so, simply go to the best practices page and click on the button in the pop-up menu at the top right.


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