How to start with Themis?

Step 1: Get acquainted with the concepts of Themis

That is the objective of the articles present in the "Presentation of Themis" section. That is a general introduction to Themis, of its objective and the vision brought by ProMyze  through this collaborative platform. If you have never heard of Themis before, we recommend you to devote  to it it a few minutes !

Step 2: The deployment of Themis 

Themis is an on-premise solution that you have to install on your own machine. Themis is exclusively deployable thanks to the Docker technology with a MongoDB database for the storage of information. The "Deployment of Themis" section indicate the process.

It presents including the activation of Themis by a license key, the settings of the authentication, the import of SSH keys or even of signed certificate.

At the end of this step, Themis is ready for us and you may go to the following step !

Step 3: Synchronize its data in Themis

Themis is a collaborative platform based on a work of aggregation of data coming from your environment of development. It is the very purpose of the "Integration of Themis and connection to the data" section that leads you up to the creation of your first projects, your first sources, the configuration of source code repositories, and your data relating to the code quality and the code coverage.

At the end of this step, your sources are functional and able to be synchronized by Themis!

Step 4: Management of teams, authors 

Now that Themis captures your data, the first actions are detected and recorded in the database. For these actions to be visible by your users, you have to  configure your first teams, and manage the new authors identified by Themis. Then define the levels of the level of transparency for yours projects to ensure the visibility of the data between the different members of the same team.

Step 5: Management of the user accounts and the permissions

This section describes the different user profiles in Themis, the process of account creation. That process varies according to the authentication method initially chosen. Define the Facilitator and pilot Developer role within your teams!

Step 6: Settings of the notifications

The notifications bring personalized information for every user of Themis and thus offers other channels of restitution of the value of the platform. That section describes the process.

Step 7: Creation of the gaming rooms and the first action plans

Now enter in the heart of Themis through its differents modules and discover daily their advantages! 

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