The ReSharper utilitarian (via InspectCode) may be use in command line to produce reports atthe XML format. It is possible to synchronizer these reports with Themis. 

Mailing of ReSharper reports to Themis

If you use ReSharper outside Themis, you have the possibility to synchronize the reports produced by ReSharper at the XML format to Themis.

Preparation of the source in Themis

The ReSharper reports produced are tied to one of your code repositories. You have to indicate to your Themis source that the data linked to the code coverage will come from external reports. 

To this end, seek in the Administration part, then Projects and identify the concerned Source. Add then a plugin for the "Technical debt" practice, by indicating External reports - ReSharper. As a reminder, the addition of a plugin takes place in opening the listing of the plugins of the source, then by clicking on Adding a plugin.

Use of the Jenkins plugin

In Jenkins, add a step in the Actions following the build part, by clicking on the Add an action after the build drop-down. Select Send report files to Themis.

On adding this step, the XML report produced par Resharper has to be available in the Jenkins work directory. You have therefore already performed Resharper on adding this step in your workflow.

Select the body of Themis and indicate the key of the source tied to the code repostiroy ongoing analysis in Jenkins.

In the Report Files section, select for Type the ReSharper value. Then in Path, indicate one of several expressions (separated by commas) allowing to access to the XML files produced by Resharper. For example, result-resharper.xml.

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