Understand permissions for projects and sources

When you have a "Developer" profile

A Developer profile is associated with an author collected on source code repositories. This author will have to be added then to teams so that the developer can observe her actions. A developer does not have permissions at the project or team level. A developer is part of at most one team within a project.

As long as the developer is a member of a team, she has access to some project data and her team's data based on the level of transparency adopted.

A developer associated with an author who is not a member of a team will not be able to access the actions produced by the author.

When you have an "Animator" profile

An animator profile has permissions to access certain projects and teams belonging to projects.

Thus, an animator will only see the actions when they are performed by authors belonging to a team, to which the animator has access.

An animator without any team will have access to very little information in Themis:

  • Action plans with objectives assigned to the projects
  • Monitoring the indicators in the Evolution view
  • Games rooms involving projects to which the facilitator has access

An animator must be able to access a project in order to consult data related to its teams. For example, if team E is part of project P, assign the animator the permissions for team E but not for project P do not produce the expected result. You must also give permission for the animator to access Project P.

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