Calculation of the level bar

A level is associated with a user from the moment his participation is taken into account in the game room. The start is at level 1 and the maximum level is defined by the configuration used. Each of the healthy, restorative and harmful actions has a different score and then allows the attribute of a score to the participants of the gaming room. The goal of the game here is to progress from level to level, each being associated with a number of points. to reach.

Once a level is reached, it is not possible to downgrade to the previous level. Even if point losses occur due to harmful actions, the score will not fall below the current threshold level.

By default, the game configuration grants 1 point per healthy and fixing action, and -1 point per damaging action.

Let's take an example to illustrate. Julien Martin joined a lounge Monday. Suppose the following levels are defined:

  • Level 1: 0 points
  • Level 2: 4 points
  • Level 3: 8 points

It performs 5 healthy actions on Tuesday, 2 damaging on Wednesday, and 1 fixing on Thursday:

  1. Thanks to his 5 actions on Tuesday, Julien Martin wins 5 points, which allows him to reach level 1.
  2. Because of his 2damaging actions of Wednesday, he loses 2 points but can not go below 4 points. His score is therefore 4 points at the end of the day of Wednesday.
  3. His fixing action of Thursday brings him a point. At the end of Thursday, his score is 5 points.

If several actions take place at the same time, the established order is the following: harmful> healthy> restorative. Thus, if Friday Julien Martin performs 5 healthy actions and 3 damaging at the same time, his score will be 5 + 5 - 3 = 7 points.

You can configure and modify the calculation of the levels at any time.

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