How to set the data relating to the code coverage for a source?

The objective here is to synchronize your data linked to the code coverage avec Themis. The data are produced generally throughout the continuous integration, but may not in no way be calculated within Themis.

We start here from the assumption that you have already establish the tooling needed to produce reports of code coverage.

If it is not the case, you may make contact with the technical support.

Here are the possible 2 scenarios:

Mailing of reports via the Themis API

You produce reports of code coverage throughout the launch of your automated unit testing. The files produced out has to be transmitted to Themis by the intermediary of the REST API. Here is the listing of the formats supported as well as the dedicated articles:

SonarQube extraction

You use thel SonarQube tool and launch analysis in a phase of continuous integration ? Go to this page.


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