Architecture of Themis

Themis is a platfom of aggregation of data that collects information from 2 categories of softwares:

  • Deposits of software artifacts (sources) that may be managers of source code or tickets, and that allow to access to the activity of the teams of development.
  • Suppliers of software quality measurement accessible via Themis plugins that allow to collect information linked to the technical debt of a project or the code coverage. These information are retrieved either via reports in the form of files (ex: a Checkstyle report) or directly via the API of tools (ex: SonarQube).

Themis comprises 2 main components that will rely on a MongoDB database:

  • A web server that allows to make the Themis solution accessible to the users, serve the Rest API Rest and restore the information via various channels (mail, IRC...).
  • An engine of data written in Java, without server of application and that implements the connectors towards the 2 categories of data.

Themis unfolds thanks to a Docker container exclusively. We provide a MongoDB container ready for use, with a system of automatic backup, but it is also to interface with another MongoDB instance. 



You will find on this link a procedure of installation of Docker

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