Detail of the data recorded by Themis

This article describes the set of information produced and recorded by Themis. These data are not exhaustive but deal with the main types of data that one find in Themis.

Which data are stored?

Themis recorded a variety of data necessary to its proper functioning. These data may be spread between 4 categories:

The data linked to the code repositories:

Themis records for every version control set in Themis:

  • The connexion identifiers of the manager
  •  The url of the code manager (the url of the code repository)
  • The set of information linked to the changesets/commits of the repository : 
    • Date
    • Name of the author
    • Listing of the modified files
    • Message of log

The data linked to the code quality:

Themis records for every code repository the data linked to the code quality:

  • The data linked to the technical debt of a projet:
    • All the defaults of code
    • Their location (file + line)
  • The data linked to the code coverage:
    • The set of lines covered and not covered
  • In either cases below, the full content of the concerned files is recorded in the database. Only the last know version by Themis is recorded.

The "performance" data of Themis:

Themis record data relating to:

  • The actions done by the developers, with among others:
    • Identity of the person
    • Impacted files
    • Nature of the action (corrective, clean, harmful)
  • The action plans with the description of the objectives to achieved, their successes or failures, the persons having contributed to the action plans
  • The gaming rooms with the medals and the levels of the different users 

The "system" data of Themis:

Finally, Themis records all the data necessary to its execution:

  • The user accounts
  • The permissions of the users
  • The structuring of the projects
  • The way of update the data
  • The elements de connection to the channels of notifications (ex: mail, Slack)
  • Etc.

Where are the data stored?

Themis only works with a MongoDB back-end installed in your environment. 

Does Themis send information outside?

Themis communicates no element originating from your database to an outside destination.

The only data that Themis may be brought to communicate are the potential reports of errors generated throughout the execution of Themis. In these reports of errors, we ensure that no personal data or proper to your environment would be transmitted. 

The reports of errors are centralizeed in the Bugsnag solution, to which only our support staff will have access to. The objective of this system is to detect is to detect the errors in real time, to inform our teams of these problems in order to may correct them faster and to offer you a fast resolution of anomalies. 

The mailing of reports of errors may be de deactivate in Themis.

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