Use case examples

A project starts with an existing code

As part of a progressive maintenance, a projects starts with probably a share of "legacy" coming from previous developments. Defect correction and the addition of new features will thus be planned in the project.

In this respect, Themis brings an answer to prevent debt creation in the new developments. With that aim, Themis will assist the teams with the compliance with the good practices implemented on the code and with preparing unit tests on the domain code added or updated. Themis will tell each developer his incidence on the quality daily and will involve him in the approach by playful and collaborative mechanisms. It will provide an indicative of the follow-up of the good practices of development throughout the project.

A project starts "from scratch"

The start of a new project without existing code is a great opportunity to set up good practices for the coming developments.

In this respect, Themis supports the teams with checking on the level of quality of the produced code. Since we are starting from a blank base, one of the objectives is to keep this level of technical debt at the lowest possible level while adding continuously value in the product. The teams will commit to an individual effort serving a common goal: the correction of defect of code will be corrected as soon as possible, and a consideration will be conveyd on the unit tests. Develop quickly with the good practices in mind will allow to lower the costs of maintenance and evolution.

A current project with quality objectives

Whether it would be an internal policy of the company or a customer's requirement, there are quantitative targets related to the qualimety: a limit of technical debt or even a level of code coverage.

In this respect, Themis becomes the guide to set the strategy allowing to meet those objectives. By the implementation of targeted action plans, Themis will allow the teams to plan and adjust the efforts to deploy: objective of diminution of the technical debt, actions to conduct on the unit tests... In an iterative and concerted approach, Themis provides a solution to shape action plans and track progress. Themis will serve as a guide to the team and will offer target-orientated action plans as well as the parts of the code on which to perform the actions. Themis thus enhances the chances to meet the set targets.

An ongoing project and a debt which increases

The project shows a constant increase of technical debt, and the measure of code coverage on the newly created parts is pinpointed as an axis for improvement.

In this respect, Themis brings an answer to the teams to raise their awareness and their involvement in this collective approach of improvement in quality. Themis will allow to lower the flow of new debt and include each developer in an ecosystem with a quality strategy. The collaborative engagement of the team is the first key factor of success of a quality strategy.


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