Themis, which effect for my projects?

Themis expands the present value chain

Themis' calling is not to disrupt the existing continuous integration chain on a project, but rather to support the development teams with the daily management of the technical debt. Themis integrates in an existing environment, can internalize the code quality metric thanks to the embedded linters, and exploit the data found in the value chain.

Themis fosters the quality integration in a team processes

Themis provides support to a team that wants to ritualize exchanges around software quality assurance and allows to spread development good practices set up in the company. By its fine analysis capacity on the recent ongoing developments (the last sprint for instance), Themis provides indicators to exchange on the good practices follow-up and offers areas of improvement. The team then decides on actions to take and may materialize them through Themis' action plans.

The use extra costs is low for developers

Themis guides developers in software development good practices compliance, reassure each developer daily and recommends actions to take when it is relevant. By anchoring with the teams the habit to check the produced code quality, Themis becomes the ideal companion and only requires a few minutes daily use.

A "Themis referent" is recommended

Within a team, Themis values individual inputs supporting an improvement in quality comprehensive approach. To maintain a a dynamic within the team, it is advised to set a person charged with Themis' animation. Charged with keeping a global vision and being a driving force in the ongoing actions follow-up, it ensures a Themis' platform optimal use.

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