What is Themis?

We are living in an era of intensive digitalisation, where more and more companies have a business model that relies on the exploitation of numerical solutions. Whether those companies are trying to stand out with their operational excellency, their offer (products and services) or with the relationship they are nurturing with their clients, all of them are aware that the quality of their numerical solutions can become a durable competitive advantage or on the contrary hinder their operational capabilities.


Behind each digital application lies an activity of human creation. Developers, actual code craftmen and women, call on daily all their know-how in order to produce qualitative code, easy to read, easily maintanable and quick to evolve. A good code is, especially to the company, a guarantee of operational agility and competitive responsiveness. In order to produce daily quality code, developers need to respect best practices of development to avoid any risk of technical debt.


What to do?


At ProMyze, we are convinced that developers' engagement is the key to the success of a software quality strategy. Human beings are in charge of producing the code, so let them be the solution ! Each developer should indeed individually add to a collective effort. Promote engagement and rally developers' creative energies are the key to success of an real effort. Involve and value each developer in respecting best practices is for us the best way to follow to thrive in its quality strategy. We are in fact avoiding constrained quality management, that turns quality into the sword of Damoclès ready to fall down on the teams (and that implies several days to clean the code), that often generate weariness and lack of motivation for developers to produce quality code.


We have embodied all this approach with the collaborative platform Themis, that gathers developer engagement into a common effort at reducing technical debt. Themis then allows to :

  • Provide each developer with precise and individual diagnosis: Themis shows the team the impact of their contributions with the global code quality and the tests. The solution enables the identification of areas of improvement and the adoption of best practices. Correcting issues is noticeably eased.
  • Define action plans to target quality improvement strategies: such plans allow to help the teams into reaching the goals set by the management. Themis offers its own actions plans generated from its own diagnosis. The platform supports developers in following the selected plans, through smart and customized suggestions.
  • Offer a periodic quality follow-up in contact with performance indicators: Themis allows for the importation of performance indicators, in order to compare them to the objective measurement of source code quality. Reports (in PDF) are produced to notify stakeholders of the quality control strategy progress.
  • Enforce developers engagement thanks to techniques coming from collaborative gaming: "gamification" principles have been included into Themis' platform. In the context of software quality, they help boosting developers, while strengthening their commitment and involvement. Badges issuance to individuals able to meet their targets participate in the actual sustainability of this commitment.
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