Technical debt (DET)

Available in the "Diagnosis" section and available in the DET practice, this module aims to offer a fine view of faults added and corrected over the period of time defined in the filters. Rather than having an overview of your project with all the existing defects, the interest of this module is to take a look at the latest developments made, valuing the actions performed and identifying several areas of interest. 'improvement.


On the left side you will find the rules impacted during the period. For each of them, the green gauge indicates the number of defects corrected, while the red gauge indicates the number of defects added.

Attention, this does not mean that the corrected defects are linked to the added defects. If you add 10 defects in the A folder, but correct 10 in the B folder, you will have a neutral balance but that does not mean that the introduced errors have been fixed.

Also note that below each rule is indicated the number of defects remaining in the project.

Details of a rule

By clicking on a rule, you will first get the details of the people's contributions to it. This facilitates the search for areas for improvement that may follow from the implementation of action plans. In addition, the right part of the page will be updated with :

  • The list of files affected by the additions and deletions of defects
  • Time information of additions and deletions


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