To whom does Themis apply?

The collaborative platform Themis is designed for developers, by developers. Themis offers 2 major profile types for every user of the platform:

  • A "Developer" profile: this profile forms the majority of the users that people find in Themis. A "Developer" will be tied to an account onto a version control, allowing him to be assigned actions within Themis due to the changes that he will carry out on the code.
  • A "Facilitator" profile: this profil is intended to people having little or no direct involvement on the code, but wanting to get a big picture of the current projects, with the possibility of acting directly creating action plans for the teams. A "Facilitator" profile is not tied to an account onto a version control et thus does not directly carry out actions. People usually find "Lead tech" profiles or "Technical officer" on this profile.
  • Alternative: a "Pilot Developer" allows for a "Developer" profile to have Facilitator priviledges to manage the quality strategy within the team.
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