Achieving goals with suggestions from Themis

Once you have implemented action plans, whether they contain targets for remedial action or technical debt relief, Themis will be able to guide each developer involved in achieving the goal.

Indeed, Themis is able to propose personalized suggestions of actions to realize. The idea behind is to point you to parts of the code that you are familiar with, or have recently changed.

To access these suggestions, go to the action plans section, then click on the current goal on which actions can be taken. You arrive on the page dedicated to the objective:


In the central part you will find the list of actions already performed on the objective, as well as the files that have already been assigned by the developers to work on the objective.

In the bottom section "Recommended Actions", Themis offers several files in which actions can be performed. For each file, you have the possibility to:

  • Open the file to observe its contents
  • Spread the file and ask Themis a new suggestion
  • Validate the suggestion and add the file in the central part of the page, indicating that you intend to work on this file
  • Hover over the help icon to understand why Themis is suggesting this file.

You can also manually select files by clicking the Select button from the file list. A window opens with all the candidate files for the objectives. Make your choice and validate the selection when you are done.

When goals are in place, developers who have activated their notification will receive personalized suggestions every day to help them achieve their goal.




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