The "Diagnostic" section gives you a detailed and global understanding of the actions on a set of projects. The diagnosis is made by practice and proposes the following categories:

The "Technical Debt" practice offers two additional categories, namely :

Using filters in the bar at the top of the screen allows you to refine your analysis.

For who?

This section is intended for animators and pilot developers to identify areas for team improvement on ongoing projects, but also more generally to observe the progress made and the state of health of the projects.

When should we use it?

It is advisable to use this heading at the end of a period, depending on the dynamics of the projects (sprints, 2 weeks / 3 weeks). It is recommended then to gather the team to share this information, to make a feedback of experience together and to validate collectively the actions to be carried out and the recommendations to be made for the future.

Once you have made your diagnosis, create an action plan on the areas of improvement that you have identified!


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