Install Promyze on an offline machine

If you wish to install Promyze one a machine that does not have access to the outside network of your organization and is then in "offline" mode, you may not use the standard procedure because the Docker images will not be able to be downloaded. The solution consists of doing a first manipulation on a machine connected to Internet and where Docker is beforehand installed. The idea is to download the images and to archive then them. You may thus run the following commands to download and save the images in the form of an archive:

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker save|gzip -c > themis-latest.tar.gz docker save|gzip -c > themis-mongodb.tar.gz docker save|gzip -c > themis-data.tar.gz

You will thus have 3 disposable distant files: themis-latest.tar.gz, themis-mongodb.tar.gz and themis-data.tar.gz.

Then transfer these files to the final machine.

Open a terminal on this machine, then run the 3 following commands:

docker load < themis-latest.tar.gz
docker load < themis-mongodb.tar.gz
docker load < themis-data.tar.gz

Your images are now ready to be used!

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