Milestone management on data series


In the Tracking view, you have the option to view your different datasets, whether imported by you or generated by Themis. Also, you can set a series of milestones for a series of data.

The goal? Allow you to plan for the long term and future dates values ​​for your dataset, which translate into goals to be achieved, and which can be visible to all your teams. They thus make it possible to plan the efforts to be provided on the management of the action plans for example.

To add milestones on a series of data, go to the Tracking view, expand the options menu for the desired data series, and select Milestones.



A modal then opens, and contains the list of milestones. To create a new milestone, you must enter a value and a date. It is possible to delete a milestone by clicking on the delete icon in the actions column.

You can also select the projects for which the milestone will be added, knowing that by default, the project you are browsing is selected. If no project is selected, then the milestone is visible on all projects that have access to the dataset.

Then click Create to add the milestone. Repeat the process to add additional milestones.

Finally, click Close to close the window. The milestones are now visible. If some of them have a future date relative to the current period, then you need to manually edit the dates of the navigation filter to see them.


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