Access the report of execution of Themis

The actions generated in Themis are created throughout the execution of sources. When you refresh a source, this one is first updated and its plugins are then performed one by one and generate new actions. That global execution globale is subject to a report that informs you of its outcome and of potential met problems. A report is joined to one only and single source. 

To access the reports of execution, go in the Administration part, then History. You will find here every reports sorted by chronological order, from never to older.

Understand the status of the reports

When a report is generated, it may have 3 possible status each matching a well specific color code:

  • OK (green color): no problem has been gone up throughout the execution.
  • WARNING (orange color): one or several non blocking problems have been gone up and required an attention.
  • ERROR (red color) : one or several blockings have been gone up and require your attention.

It is significant to understand that a status is assigned for the synchronization updated of the source, as well as for each of the executions of the joined plugins. Thus, the final status results from the set of these status. Why so much status? Plainly to target more finely the source of a problem. Is it the source that is inaccessible? A plugin that is badly configured? It is all the objectif of the reports of execution.

Unfold the full report

Every block in the page matches a report of execution. To view the set of messages, you have to plainly click on the block of the report. That action will view the set of messages. Each of the messages is also joined to one of the 3 status defined higher. That thus allows you to identify more easily the sources of problems. Finally, the messages joined to the plugins are viewed on the side of the trigram of the practice to which they are joined.

Filter the reports

Atop the page you have access to the following menu:


You thus have the possibility to filter the reports:

  • By project 
  • By source
  • By status (by default they are all activated. Deactivate some of them by clicking on them)
  • Dates of analysis

Clean the reports

From time to time, it is judicious to remove the former reports of executions, especially if  Themis performs regularly. To this end, you may use the context menu placed up to the left of the bar of filter. it will then be offered to you to remove every projected joined to the source and  to the projects currently in the bar of filter.


Version > 1.1.1

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