Operation of Themis license

You will benefit from a contract with ProMyze concerning the Themis use. This contract contains two types of main information: the maximum number of users and an expiry date.

To fully understand the operation, it is necessary specify that a contract allows you to install several instances of the Themis solution. Each of these instances will be identified by its Themis Serial Number and a maximum number of users will be allocated to it. This number indicate the maximum of user accounts simultaneously active on an instance. Considering you have the possibility to create or remove accounts at any time, it is thus a limit that you may not exceed.

An example to illustrate 

Take an example to illustrate: your contract stipulates 30 maximum users. You wish to deploy Themis alongside 3 of your teams located respectively in Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris. You may decide the following distribution:

  • Bordeaux: 15 maximum accounts
  • Lyon: 10 maximum accounts
  • Paris : 5 maximum accounts

Thus, on the Themis instance assigned to the Paris team, at the most 5 user accounts will be able to be active at the same time. In this example, you understand that the totality of 30 licenses has been allocated (15 + 10 + 5). In this scenario. you may not create more new Themis instance since there are no more users to allocate.

The expiry date is identical for all your Themis instances. It indicate the date beyond which your contract will have expired, and when all your Themis will not be functional.

In practice, how does it work?

Themis central server will allow you to access to the infomation of your contract and to manage your Themis instances. When you create an instance, this one will be assigned a maximum number  of users and license key. This license key will have to be then filled in Themis to complete its activation.

Are the non-created accounts recorded?

Since you allocate a maximum number of users to an instance, the real number at a given moment of active accounts is not taken into account. If only 10 accounts are active in Bordeaux for example, you may always reduce this allocation and thus free additional accounts.

Is an instance irrevocable?

No, you may at any time remove an instance if this one is no more necessary within your organization. Resuming the example above, if you remove the instance associated to your Lyon team, it will stop working and the 10 user accounts will be able to be allocated again.

If the number of allocated users decreases and becomes below the number of active accounts, what happens?

Resuming the example above to illustrate. You decide to reduce the number of users of the Bordeaux team from 15 to 10. Yet, there is currently 12 active accounts on this Themis instance. If so, after the update of the license key, it will be asked you to remove 2 user accounts, in order to achieve the new level of 10. 


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