Activate the Themis license

Throughout the first Themis launch, you will arrive on the following screen:


In the right part, click on the Access to license server button that will redirect you towards the management of the Themis licenses.

An account has to beforehand have been created for you by the ProMyze's team (you then receive a mail of validation asking you to enter a password).

You will then arrive on the connection interface, enter here your identifier and your password. 


Then click on the Sign in button. You will then arrive on your customer sheet, and you will se on the My licenses section the of instances currently actuellement active on Themis:


On the above example, you currently have 3 instances ongoing. To add a new one, click on the Create a license button. It will then be asked to fill the following fields:

  • Name: the identifier that you wish to assign to this instance
  • Themis Serial Number: the unique number associated to a Themis instance. You will find this value on Themis homepage (see the image placed atop this article), in the right column is written a Themis Serial Number line. To its right lies the A sa droite se situe  icon allowing to copy this value in your clipboard. Then return on the page of the form and copy this value.
  • Max users: it is the maximum number of user accounts that will be able to be created on this instance. The default entry is the number of maximum account planned in your subscription, to  which is removed the sum of user accounts allocated to the existing instances. Define this value according to the coming needs on the instance.

For example, we have created a new instance for 5 maximum users for a team based in Marseille. The instance now appears down the listing:


To complete the activation, two specific cases cas de figures are offered to you:

  1. If the Themis license server is accessible by the machine where the Themis instance is deployed, you may simply refresh the page. If nothing happens, try the below solution.
  2. If the Themis license server is not accessible by the machine where the Themis instance is deployed (cas of a closed network for example), please copy the license key corresponding to the newly create instance, and which is placed in the 3rd column of the table. Then return on the Themis homepage. Always on the right column, you will find the Enter manually a license key button, then paste the license key. Complete by clicking on the Validate button.

In both specific cases, the page will be recharged and will redirect you to the login page.

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