Replicate action plans on other projects

Replicating an action plan from a project to one or more projects makes sense when the goals to be achieved are convergent between these different projects. With Themis, once an action plan is created, it is possible to replicate it to other projects.

To do this, go to the action plan view and then to the Action Plan Management tab. On the right pane where each action plan is listed, identify the one you want to replicate on other projects. Then click on the popup menu icon located at the top right of the block:

then select the Replicate entry on other projects. Then open the list of projects, then you can select the projects to which you want to replicate the action plans.

It is important to note that only projects with the same periodicity as the project to which the action plan belongs will be proposed in the list.

Here are the behaviors following the different goals:

Goals attributed to the project:

If you replicate an action plan containing a team goal, it will naturally be copied to the new action plan for destination projects.

Goals attributed to the teams:

If you replicate an action plan containing a team goal, you will be asked for each destination project to choose a destination team. This choice is mandatory.

If you do not want to keep a team goal, you will still have to choose a destination team. We invite you to edit the action plans to remove these goals.

Goals attributed to the authors:

If you replicate an action plan that contains an author goal, it will automatically renew if the author is in one of the destination project teams. If this is not the case, the goal will not be renewed.

Finally, click the Validate button to complete the operation.

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