Edit an action plan

You can edit an action plan to add or delete goals, change your name, or end date. Only current and future action plans are editable.

To do this, go to the Action Plans view and then to the Action Plan Management tab. On the right pane where each action plan is listed, identify the one you want to edit. Then click on the popup menu icon located at the top right of the block:

then select the entry Edit. Then opens a configuration window allowing you to update:

  • The name of the action plan.
  • The start and end dates of the action plan (if the action plan is in progress, the start date can not be changed).
  • The list of goals associated with the action plan. You can:
    • delete an existing goal by clicking on the cross-shaped icon to the far right of the goal description.
    • Add a new goal by clicking the Add Goal button at the very bottom of the goal list.

You can not edit a goal directly. You will have to delete it and recreate it if necessary.

Finally, click the Validate button to complete the operation.

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