Configuration of a SVN deposit

To create a SVN source in a project, go to the Administration view, then Projects and identify the project in which you wish to add the source. Click on the icon present in the Sources column and in the view that opens , click on Add a source.

Identify the type of SVN sources in the VCS sources. 

The parameters to create a SVN deposit are the followings:

  • URL: the url of the  comprehensive SVN deposit (ex:
  • Authentication :
    • If your deposit is public and does not needs authentication for a read access, leave these fields blank.
    • If the read access to your deposit is private, please indicate an identifier and password.
  • Initial modification: To optimize the analysis of the code repository if the latter is large (several hundreds of thousands of reviews), you may indicate an intermediary version number from which the data history will be analyzed.
  • SSH key: Indicate the full path of the used key for the authentication to Themis. To use this mode, use the mapping of volumes to synchronize your SSH keys. Example: /home/themis/.ssh/mykey. If your key has been generated with a passphrase, enter the password.

 Complete by clicking on Validate.

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