Configuration of a TFS deposit

The connector is compatible with the versions of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012, 2013, 2015 as well as the Cloud version of the product.

Creation of the source

To create a TFS source in a project, go to the Administration view, then Projects and identify the project in which you wish to add the source. Click on the icon present in the Sources column and in the view that opens for you, click on Add a source.

Identifiez the type of TFS sources in the VCS section. 

The parameters to create a TFS deposit are the followings:

  • URL: address of the collection (for example: "" or "")
  • Authentication: User/password allowing at a minimum the access of reading to yout private repository, please indicate an identifier and password.
  • Project: Way for the root of the TFVC server towards the project to monitor (for example: "$/project/main-branch"
  • Access token: If you prefer an authentication by access token instead of by identifier/password, indicate here that token (see the section below that explains how to create a token).

 Finish by clicking on Validate.

Creation of a personal access token

The identification may be carried out on the basis of a classic couple identifier and password, or of a token. The identification via a token is to favor because it offers increased safety and control.

To create a token, go out to the security options of TFS:


Go out to the section "Personal access tokens", and click on "Add". The form asks a name and a period of validity, as well as the related rights to the token:


The access via the SDK requires the "All staves" selection. The name and the period of validity do not matter. Once the form validated, the token appears fr the first and last time:


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