Import data from a CSV file

To import a series of data from a CSV file, go to the Monitoring view. In the left part of the Data Series, click the "Import / Export Data" button.

Une fenêtre s'ouvre ensuite et vous propose de charger un fichier CSV depuis votre ordinateur.

Step 1: Formatting the data

Once the CSV file is loaded, you must define what is the separator character of the columns. Themis displays the contents of the file to help you determine the separator. Once registered, click on the Go to next step button.

Step 2: Orientation of the columns

Verify that the data is in columns or rows as desired. If the data is in column form, leave the box blank and click the Go to the next step button.

Step 3: Choosing the value

Themis will search the file for columns (or lines) structured with numeric values. Select the series you want, then click the Go to the next step button.


Step 4: Choosing the abscissa

A series of data necessarily has a temporal abscissa. The different date formats available are available in the activated list when you have chosen "Choose from a list". You can also define your own date format (you can find some help from this link). Once the format is chosen, the columns corresponding to this format are active and can be selected. You can only choose one column. Once you have made your choice, click on the Go to the next step button.


Step 5: Set up the data set

You must then define different parameters for the data series:

- Name: The display name for this data series
- Projects: all projects that can access this dataset
- Type: absolute value or percentage.
- Objective sought: does the value in ordinate seek to be maximized or minimized. This parameter affects the display of the data series
- Show a curve: If yes, the data series will be displayed as a curve. If not, it will be in the form of columns.
- Value type: integer or decimal
- Color: which color to associate with the data series

Once you have completed this data, click on the Validate button to complete the operation.

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