Synchronization with PyCodeStyle (Python)

PyCodeStyle is a parser for Python code.

Embedded analysis in Themis

To devolve to Themis the analysis of your Python code to PyCodeStyle, you should configure first the embedded linters mode for your source. You may then add a sub-plugin for PyCodeStyle.

Themis uses the default configuration of PyCodeStyle. You have the possibility to edit the content of this file at any one time.

In the case where you have already a .jshintrc file present on your source code repository, you may indicate to Themis to use this configuration. To this end, you have specify the combination of 2 following parameters:

  • Use the configuration file present on your repository (true/false): Indicate true to use your configuration file.
  • Relative way of the file on your repository: Indicate here the relative way on your source code repository of the configuration file (generally setup.cfg or tox.ini). Example: src/tox.ini.

If you activate the use of your own configuration file, the "Configuration file of PyCodeStyle" parameter is not taken into account in the analysis. It does not reflect also in no way the content of the configuation file present on your source code repository. 

Informations and installed versions


Extensions of the analyzed files: .py.

Version of Themis Version of PyCodeStyle


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