Synchronization with Standard (JavaScript)

Standard is a parser for Javascript code. Standard defines a frame of reference of rules coming from Eslint, with as additional characteristic not to need configuration file. 

Embedded analysis in Themis

To devolve to Themis the analysis of your EsLint code to Standard, you should configure first the embedded linters mode for your source. You may then add a sub-plugin for Standard.


You may change whole environments, separated without space by commas (,). Example : mocha,node,browser.


You may change the type of parser that you wish to use. The listing of available parsers is indicated in the table below. Ensure to indicate an only parser.


You may indicate a plugin for the execution of Standard. The listing of the available plugins is indicated in the table below. Ensure to indicate an only plugin.

Informations and installed versions


Extensions of analyzed files: .js.

Version of Themis Version of Standard Parsers Plugins
1.0.4 9.0.1

babel-eslint 7.1.1

typescript-eslint-parser 2.1.0

eslint-plugin-angular 0.5.0
eslint-plugin-babel 4.1.0
eslint-plugin-chai-expect 1.1.1
eslint-plugin-import 2.2.0
eslint-plugin-jasmine 2.2.0
eslint-plugin-mocha 4.8.0
eslint-plugin-node 4.2.2
eslint-plugin-promise 3.5.0
eslint-plugin-react 6.10.0
eslint-plugin-security 1.3.0

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