Synchronization with ShellCheck (Shell)

ShellCheck is a parser for bash/sh scripts. You may use ShellCheck in embedded mode in Themis.

Embedded analysis in Themis

To delegate to Themis the analysis of your Bash code to ShellCheck, you should configure first the embedded linters mode for your source. You may then add a sub-plugin for ShellCheck.

  • Exclusions of rules: you may indicate a listing of error codes to exclude of the analysis, separated by commas (,). The listing of the codes is to find on this page.
  • Le dialect: bash,sh or ksh. Extract of the associated documentation:

    "If unspecified, ShellCheck will read the shebang, e.g. #!/bin/sh, to determine whether to treat the script as a sh script, or a dash / bash / ksh script. If no shebang is specified, an /undefined/ default will be used.

    Leaving this to ShellCheck is usually the simplest, easiest and best option.

    However, if your tool deals with a lot of files that for any reason have no shebangs, or if it lets the user explicitly set which shell the scripts are intended for, you can specify the dialect with -s, e.g. -s dash or -s bash."

Information and installed versions


Analyzed files: .sh, .bash, .ksh.

MIME types: text/x-sh, text/x-shellscript, application/x-shellscript

Version of Themis Version of ShellCheck
2.6.0 0.6.0
1.0.4 0.3.7
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