Rubocop is a parser for the Ruby language. 

Embedded in Themis

Setting by default

Themis uses the setting by default of Rubocop, that is generally at this URL. It is file at the YAML format that you may edit at any one time.

Use of the existing configuration file

In the configurations of the Themis plugin, an option indicates "use the existing file if present". If you you check this box, that means that you wish that Themis uses the configuration file present at the root of your source code repository, or at the root of the file informed in the "Directory" field.

If this option is deactivated, only the internal configuration of Themis will be taken into account, even if the .rubocop.yml files are present in the source code repository. 

Informations and installed versions


Extensions of the analyzed files: .rb, .ruby, .gemspec.

Version of Themis Version of Rubocop Installed extensions
2.6.0 0.60.0


1.0.4 0.49.0

rubocop-rspec 1.15.1

rubocop-cask 0.12.0

rubocop-thread_safety 0.3.3



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