Driving the achievement of goals

As a pilot or animator, you have the opportunity to create action plans with collective or individual goals. Following this, you can assign files to each of the users in order to distribute the work most efficiently.

In the Action Plans view, select the goal for which you want to assign actions to perform. In the bottom of the page you will find the "Recommended Actions" section, containing a drop-down list, allowing you to choose from a set of users:

  • If you are a pilot, only the members of your team will appear.
  • If you are an animator, all members of all project teams will appear.


Choose the users to whom you want to assign files for processing. A set of files will then be proposed. Passing with the mouse on the icon, a message tells you why this file has been suggested. Click on the icon  to accept this suggestion, or on the icon to refuse it and ask for a new suggestion. You can also customize your choice by clicking the Add File Manually button. A window will appear with a list of files that you can sort according to several criteria. Check the box for each line you want to select, and then finish by clicking the Validate button. Here is what becomes part n ° 1 after attribution:

Two files have been assigned to a user here. Beside each file is written a value corresponding, according to the objective, to a number of actions performed or defects corrected. If the value 0 appears, it means that a user has been assigned to the file but has not yet been processed.

Following this, each developer will see which files have been assigned to them. Thus, using this collaborative module makes it possible to reach your objectives more effectively.


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