Deal with the new authors

All users of Themis may do the handling describe on that page.


New authors are detected by Themis as you add sources or that new collaborator join the project. When it is the case, Themis informs you of it by a message present in the banner placed atop the screen (1).

Click on that button to go to directly in the dedicated view (otherwise, you may go by the Administration menu then Authors). The listing of the authors appears. 

Case of the new authors

The new authors require particularly your attention. Indeed, it may be of new persons in the team, or even an existing having done actions under an other identity. For this purpose, they are highlighted in green and maintained atop the listing of the authors (2). Three types of actions may be lead:

  • Mark the author as dealt with: that action indicate that you have taken note of these authors and that you wish to keep them in the current listing. They then will be able to be merged or even joined to the users.
  • Merge the authors with an existing author
  • Mark as hidden if it is a person not being part of the project or that you do not wish to see the actions of this author appear in Themis
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