Set player levels

Only administrators can do this. Go to the Administration section, then to the Gamification tab. The first section proposes to create, edit, and delete level configurations. To create a new configuration, click the Create New Configuration button.

In the form that opens, indicate:

- The name of the configuration
- If you want this configuration to be used by Themis projects, check the "Active" box.
- The scores you wish to assign for each harmful, healthy and restorative action
- The maximum level to reach
- The progression curve between each level (see below). An overview helps you to see the end result.

Then click Validate to complete the operation.

Warning: there is only one active level configuration per Themis instance. This will be used by all the gaming rooms currently created in Themis.

Progession curves

The progress modes allow you to set the level of difficulty to reach additional levels.

Linear progression

By choosing this model, you want the gap between each level to follow a linear progression. Thus, for a factor of 50, level 2 will be achieved by winning 50 points, level 3 will be achieved by winning 100 points (50 * 2) additional, level 4 with 150 points (50 * 3), etc.

The following thresholds are thus obtained:

- Level 2: 50 points (+50 points to reach)
- Level 3: 150 points (+100 points to reach)
- Level 4: 300 points (+150 points to reach)

Steadily progression

With this mode, the effort required to reach each next level is the same for each level. Thus, with a factor of 50, all the next levels will be accessible by winning 50 points.

- Level 2: 50 points (+50 points to reach)
- Level 3: 100 points (+50 points to reach)
- Level 4: 150 points: (+50 points to reach)

Exponential progression

This mode proposes a power law to determine the difference between each level. For the calculation mode it is necessary to provide the 1st level of experience (the number of points to reach level 2), as well as an exponential factor. The score to reach the level N will be calculated from the 1st level of experience multiplied by the exponential factor to the power N-1.

For example, for a first experience level of 100 and an exponential factor of 2, we obtain the following thresholds:

- Level 2: 100 (+100 = 100 * 2 ^ 1)
- Level 3: 300 (+200 = 100 * 2 ^ 2)
- Level 4: 700 (+400 = 100 * 2 ^ 3)

Personalized progress

You can set your own thresholds at any time to reach each level. Use the up and down arrows next to each line:

Enter the desired value.

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