Management of game rooms


Creating a game room

The Animator and Developer profiles can both create gaming rooms.

In the Salons view accessed from the Themis menu, click the Create Game Room button:


In the form that is proposed, indicate:

- The name of the gambling hall.
- The periodicity of the gaming room: each game turn will be defined by the periods associated with the periodicity. Once assigned, it can not be changed later.
- The list of projects to include: all the actions carried out in these projects will be taken into account.


Click Create to complete the operation.

Edition of a game room

In the Trophy Cupboard view are listed the different games room, with the number of participants and the number of projects analyzed. For each of them you will find the following button:

Click on it to modify the name of the show or the list of projects to take into account in the calculation of rewards and levels. Then click on Edit to validate the operation.

Deleting a game room

For each of the gaming rooms, you will find the following button:

Click on it to remove the game room. All rewards and levels achieved by users in this show will be lost. A confirmation window will allow you to confirm the operation, and permanently delete the game room.


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