Configure the level of the actions

Every practice defines a set of actions spread according to 3 levels: clean, harmful and corrective. According to the practices, it is possible to modify the level of certain actions. If for example you wish to be more lenient on given harmful action, it will be possible to you to configure that action as clean.

To modify the level of the actions, open the navigation menu, then in the Configuration section,  click on Pratices.


In that view, every actions joined to the practice activated in the filters are listed and categorized according to the 3 levels of actions. Next to the name of every lies an icon of edition  . By clicking on that button, it will be offers to you to move the action towards one of the 2 other available levels. Click on the wished level: you observe now that the action has been moved. 

Every project has its own configuration opposite a practice. Thus, every change will impact solely a project and its history and will have to be reproduced on other projects if necessary. Every operation here leads to an update of the data on the action plans and on the cabinet of trophies.

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