Themis game presentation

The Game Rooms module allows users to join gaming rooms where they can share challenges with other users. It is important to remember that participation in this module is free to access and is not effective by default. Each user must register himself at a game room to start playing.

A game room is a space where participants' actions are taken into account in the calculation of levels and medals. A periodicity is assigned to the game room and allows the implementation of game turns at each new period. Start by creating a first game room to start a game. Each user must then join the show to take part in the different rounds of play.

The actions of users will be taken into account from the date on which each joined respectively the game room.

The game rooms have two mechanisms :


Raking and history


In the dashboard Game Rooms view, in the left view (1), the show ranking lists all players based on the number of medals won on the current round of play (current period).

By clicking on a player, the view on the right (2) shows the details of the medals won as well as its current level.

By using the navigation pane between periods (3), it is possible to return to previous rounds of play to access the old rankings and medals won by players on this turn.



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