Management of the teams

This handling required to have the administrator privileges.

Creation of a team

To add a team to a project, go to the Administration part, then Teams. This view lists the different teams currently created, while indicating the project to which each belongs . You may sort this listing by name of project or name of team.

To add a team, click on the Create a team button placed down the page. In the form that opens, you want to indicate:

  1. The name of the team.
  2. The project to which the team belongs.
  3. The users that will have the permission to view the data of the team

 Then click on the Validate button to complete the operation. The team will appear in the listing. 

Add and remove members to the teams

To modify the composition of the teams, go to the Administration part, then Teams. Then identify the line matching the team that you wish to modify, then click on the icon placed in the Members column (the value indicate the number of member currently in the team):

The listing of the members now appears. Take the example here with the Paris team of the Back-end project:

Only Julien Martin is present in the team. Now, you may:

1) Add members

Click on the Add members button. A window opens and offers you a listing of available authors. Select those that you wish to integrate to the team. You may use the fonctions of sorting as well as the search bar to ease your task. Complete by clicking on the Validate button.

NB: you may not add authors already present in an other team joined to the same project.

2) Remove members

Identify the line containing the author to remove from the team, the click on the next button in the Actions column:

A window of confirmation will allow you to validate the operation.

3) Move members

In the listing of the members of the team, select the member that you wish to move by marking the boxes placed at the left of the lines. Then, in the left part appears the listing of the teams of the project in which the authors my be moved. Select the team of destination and validate by clicking the Move the team button.

Continue the previous example by assuming that Julien Martin now works in the team of Lyon. We will then move him of the Paris team:

NB: it is also possible to manage the teams joined to each of te authors directly in the Authors tab in the Administration part.

Removal of a team

To add a team to a project, go to the Administration part, then Teams. On the line matching the team that you which to remove, click on the Remove button:

placed in the Actions column. A window of confirmation will allow you to validate your choice. If authors were present in that team, they may now be moved in other team of the same project.

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