Management of the periods

The periodicity is a central concept of Themis since it allows to Themis to follow the pace of your projects. From a periodicity, periods of time are defined and may be planned in the future. 

Every project is joined to a periodicity. That association is not final and may be updated at any time. 

When you use Themis, you may thus easily navigate between each of the periods thanks to a listing of selection placed atop the page. 

Create and modify a periodicity

By default, the Monthly and Weekly periodicities are preconfigured in Themis and available on the creation of a project. You may moreover neither edit them nor remove them.

To create a new periodicity you have to have administrators privileges, go in the Administration part then Periods. In the centra view, click on the Create a new periodicity button placed down the page.

A form opens to you with two parts to inform:

  1. The name of your periodicity
  2. The list of the joined periods, that may be either previous, current or future. Indicate each of the periods with for each a name, a date of beginning and a date of end. Note that two periods may not overlap.

The periods have to be added one by one, in validating every time with the button placed on the right-hand column. The periods are sorted by descending chronological order. Complete the operation by clicking on the Validate button.

For example, we have created a Sprints periodicity with the 3 following sprints:

  • Sprint 0.1 : du 13/02 au 05/02
  • Sprint 0.2 : du 06/02 au 31/02
  • Sprint 0.3 : du 01/04 au 21/04

Here the result in image:

Every period may be removed thanks to the removal button placed in the right-hand column of every line.

Modify the name of a period

You may edit the name of a period in the left-hand column. For the change to be effective, do not forget to validate the new name by clicking on the button placed at the right of the name. 

Modify the the terminales of a period

To extend a given period, it will probably necessary to update:

  • the previous period, by shortening its duration to free space in the case in which you wish to start the period earlier
  • the later period, by pushing its date of start to free space in the case in which you wish to  shift later on the date of end of the period.

Do not forget to complete the operation by clicking on the Validate button.

Modify the periodicity of a project

Go in the Administration part then Projects. In the central view, click on the Edit button 

on the line matching the project that you wish to update. In the form that opens, update the periodicity in the matching section, then complete the operation by clicking on the Edit button. The form closes up and the project has well been updated.



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