What is a project ?

A project is an aggregate of sources and therefore aims to group them. This offers a division of business, often by domain, which makes it easy to identify the nature of the sources that will be grouped together. Here is an example of a simple cutting for a Web application:



  • Back-end: Will contain sources for the application server and the API
  • Front-end: Will contain sources related to the client part of your site.
  • Frameworks: Will contain various modules and libraries that you reuse for all your projects.

You are totally free in the creation of projects. There are no limits to the number of sources you can place in a project. You can imagine a breakdown by business area or technologies used. The first approach is recommended when your teams are working on very specific areas, with little coupling. Conversely, the second makes sense when teams focus on several sources with the same technological base behind them.

It must also be remembered that any source must be part of a project.

Create a project

To create a project, go to the Administration section and select the Projects button. 

At the bottom right of the page, click on the icon in "+" in order to add a new project.

In the configuration window:

  1. Indicate the name of the project
  2. Enter a description for this project (optional)
  3. Configure the periodicity that you want to associate with this project
  4. Set the visibility level for the project
  5. Indicate which facilitators have access to the project.
  6. Click on validate to complete the operation

You can now add sources to complete the project.

Delete a project

Deleting a project results in the cascade deletion of all actions, teams, data sets, and action plans associated with that project. This action is not reversible. It is only possible if all the sources it contains are previously deleted.

To delete a project, go to the Administration section and select Projects. In the project list, identify the project you want to delete, and in the Actions column, click the delete button. A confirmation window will allow you to validate your choice.

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