Settings with HipChat (Atlassian)


Here the operations to follow to create an integration towards the HipChat tool:

  1. Go in the homepage of your HipChat > Integrations.
  2. Click on "Build your own integration".
  3. Select the channel of discussion.
  4. Add a name to the bot and click on the "Add bot integration" button.
  5. Copy the url of the webhook.
  6. In Themis, go in Administration > Notifications.
  7. Add a new service of grouped notifications.
  8. Select the entity (project or team).
  9. Activate the notifications for HipChat.
  10. Paste the url of the webhook.
  11. Click on the button of validation, then on the button of test to send a notification of test to your HipChat.

This operation is similar to create individual notifications or grouped notifications.

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