Management of the notifications

The notifications inform the users when certain events take place in Themis. They allow them to subscribe to certain types of events via the communication channels that they use daily. Thus, it is no more necessary to consult Themis to be informed of the last contents. 

Categories of notifications

The notifications are listed in several catégories:

  • Newsfeed: The notifications are sent when new actions are identified by Themis. A developer will be notified of the actions that he would have done, while a facilitator will be notified of the actions of his projects and teams.
  • Action plans: The action plans newly created, the new objectives and the achieved or failed objectives.
  • Period: The notifications are sent when a change of periodicity takes place or when a new period begins.
  • System: The notifications linked to the sources, projects and teams (identification of a new author, change of team...)
  • Trophy cabinet: The notifications linked to the gain of new badges.
  • Various: The other notifications.

Services of notifications

NB: Only an user with administrator privileges may do that opération.

To list the services of available notifications, go in the Administration part, then Notifications. In the Services of notifications (1) section, every icon represents a service currently available. In the below example, it is to set notifications via a server of mail or via the Slack, Mattermost and HipChat communication tools.



It is possible at any time to activate and deactivate each of these services. To this end, click on the icon matching the service that you wish to update. For certain services, a simple click is sufficient to activate or deactivate the service. For others, a fuller form will allow you to inform the information necessary to the configuration of the service.

Significant: To receive mails of Themis, you have to configure a server of mail in that part. 

Management of your parameters of notification

NB: Every users may do the operations that follow.

As user (facilitator or developer), you may set the channels (2) on which you will receive your notifications as well as the types of notifications (3) that you wish to receive on every channel. To this end, go to the Administration part, then Notifications. 

Configuration of the channels of reception

The different services of available notifications and beforehand activated by an administrator are listed in the block Service of reception of your notifications (2). Every service has specific configurations. Click on the wished service to configure it.

Configuration of the types of received notifications

Once you have configured the connection with the different services, you may manage the types of notifications that you wish to receive thanks to the Parameters of notifications (3) section. In that part, you may indicate to which categories you wish to subscribe to each of the services. To update these subscriptions, click on the button of edition placed in the right hand column for the wished service. You may activate or deactivate the subscriptions with the different offered switchs buttons.

NB: By default, the types of notifications are deactivate, it should therefore activate them in order to start to receive notifications.

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