Set a developer account

An user with a developer profile has to be joined to an only author so that all actions done by the author would be joined to this user. If several authors match an user, you have to before hand merge these authors to get only one.

Update the author joined to an user

To update the joined author, go to the Administration part, then the Authors tab.

  • Click on the button for edition of the association of the joined author for the wished author:


  • Select the user to join in the listing and validate:



Addition of tags for the automatic merger

As the project move, it will be necessary to add new sources within Themis. If users of Themis having a "developer profile" work on these sources, new authors will be created. If so, it should merge them with the being authors tour update the association with these users. 

However, it is possible to anticipate this operation by indicating for every user a listing of tags. A tag is a character string that will be looked for among the identities found on a source, and every exact correspondence will generate an automatic association  between the user and this new author. 

To update the joined author:

  • Go to the Administration part, then the Users tab.
  • In the listing of the users, identify the line matching the user that you wish to update, then click on the Edit button:


  • In the part of the form joined to the tags, indicate all identifiers joined to the user. 


  • Complete the operation by clicking on the Validate button placed down the form.

Take an example to clarify. The user Jon Snow is currently joined to the jsnow author, itself merged with jonsnow. A new source is added in Themis and Jon has for mission to do tasks. To anticipate the merger of the authors, it updates its profile by indicating the tags that it thinks being the identifiers that he uses regularly. 

Throughout the next refresh of the data of Themis, a new author is found on the new source with for name jon.snow@nightwatch.north. What happens next? The jsnow author is merged with that author, in such a way that our user is virtually joined to 3 different authors. In cases in which he was not yet joined to an author, Jon Snow would have been joined with the new jon.snow@nightwatch.north author.

Thus, it is recommended to every profile to fill these fields to anticipate the merger of the authors, especially if your organization counts an important number of sources. 




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