Set a server of mail

You have to have the administrator privilege to have access to that configuration.

To set a server of, go in the Administration part, then Notifications. In the Services of notification part, click on the service of Mail represented by the icon below:


A window opens and offers you to edit the configuration of your server of mail: 


The different fields to fill are the followings:

  • Activated: to tip to activate your mail server
  • Exchange Server: to switch to 'Yes' if the server of mail is an Exchange server
  • Host: the address of your SMTP server
  • Port: the port to use on the server
  • Secure: to activate if the mailing of messages is secured thanks to à SSL/STARTTLS
  • User: the name of the user account for the mailing of mail
  • Password: the password joined to the user account

If the Exchange Server option is selected:

  • Used account for the mailing: the address of the account used for the mailing of the mails (that account has to be a being account in the basis of the exchange server)

The Send a notification of test button allows you to test the being configuration by sending a mail to the address of the user account currently connected. Check beforehand that an address is well configured in your profile. A message informs you of the success or the failure of the operation.

Finally, click on the Validate button to complete the operation.


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