Developer Profile & Facilitator Profile

Themis offers two types of profile: developer and facilitator

Developer Profile

This profile constitute the majority of the users that people find in Themis. A "Developer" profile will be joined to an account on a version control, allowing him to be given actions within Themis due to the change that he will do on the code. 

A developer profile is assigned to any person prone to do actions of development (change of file etc.). A developer has to be joined to one or several authors so that all the actions done by this one would be jointed to him. If several authors match an user, you have to beforehand merge these authors to get only one author. 

A developer will have access to the data that concerns the teams to which he belongs to.

Facilitator Profile

A facilitator profile is generally a project manager, Scrum Master profile... That profile has access to all the actions of development, according to the permissions granted on the projects and the teams. Unlike the developer, this profile does not do actions of development

Every action in Themis is joined to a project and a team. Thus, it is necessary to tie to a facilitator a set of projects and teams so that he would be able to access these actions. If no project is joined to a facilitator, the latter will then a Themis empty of data throughout its connection. 

The permissions joined to the facilitators on the projects and the teams may be respectively managed in the Projects and Teams views on the creation or the edition. But it is also possible to manage individually the permissions of a facilitator. To this end, go in the Administrator view then in the Users view. Identify the facilitator that you wish to update, then click on the Actions columns on the Editer  button:

In the form that opens, identify the Permissions management section in which are listed the teams in the left side and the projects in the right side. The elements allowed are marked with a check mark and the line is highlighted. You may thus select the permissions that you wish to update. 

To complete the operation, click on the Validate button.



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